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Basic Input

Input pinyin to open candidates.

Display candidates in full screen.

History Input

Display history words which are selected before.

Emoticon Input

Date & Time Input

“今天” shows today's date.

“星期三” shows the date of this, last and next Wednesday.

Easy Input (Full version ONLY)

Input Chinese words just by typing capital initial letters of each phonetic clause (syllable). “你好”(neihou) can be converted from "NH", "neiH", "Nhou".
You don't need to remember perfect pinyin spelling.

English Word Input (Full version ONLY)

Convert English words to Chinese words.


Open "Language & keyboard settings" ("Setting" -> "Language & keyboard settings").

You can select Pinyin method in the Setting screen.


Link is only accessible from Android mobile.
Pinyin Selector
Cantonese Input (IME) Standard
Cantonese Input (IME) Full